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Networks, Routers and Transputers:
Function, Performance and Applications

Edited by M.D. May, P.W. Thompson and P.H. Welch. February 1993
ISBN-10 90-5199-129-0

© INMOS Limited 1993.

frontcover 90-5199-129-0

The introduction of high-speed serial communication links and general purpose VLSI routers offers new opportunites in system design. C104 routers can be used to construct high throughput low latency interconnection networks for use in telecommunications, parallel computers and electronic systems in general. The T9000 transputer with its integrated communications links can be connected directly to these networks, providing high performance data-handling, protocol conversion and network control.

The first chapters cover the rationale behind the design of the new links, the C104 universal packet router and the T9000 'virtual channel' processor. Other chapters deal with interconnection networks for parallel computers and specific topics relevant to building powerful systems from C104 routers and T9000 transputers. The book ends with detailed application case-studies: very large (parallel) database machines, high-performance switches for the CCITT Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) broadband networks (both 'public' and 'on-your-desk') and distributed scalable multimedia systems (built on ATM).

  • Introduction.pdf Introduction
  • Chapter1.pdf Chapter 1: Transputers and Routers: Components for Concurrent Machines
  • Chapter2.pdf Chapter 2: The T9000 Communications Architecture
  • Chapter3.pdf Chapter 3: DS-Links and C104 Routers
  • Chapter4.pdf Chapter 4: Connecting DS-Links
  • Chapter5.pdf Chapter 5: Using Links for System Control
  • no pdf Chapter 6: Models of DS-Link Performance
    • Chapter6a.pdf Part 1
    • Chapter6b.pdf Part 2
  • Chapter7.pdf Chapter 7: Performance of C104 Networks
  • Chapter8.pdf Chapter 8: General Purpose Parallel Computers
  • Chapter9.pdf Chapter 9: The Implementation of Large Parallel Database Machines on T9000 and C104 Networks
  • no pdf Chapter 10: A Generic Architecture for ATM Systems
    • Chapter10a.pdf Part 1
    • Chapter10b.pdf Part 2
    • Chapter10c.pdf Part 3
    • Chapter10d.pdf Part 4
  • Chapter11.pdf Chapter 11: An Enabling Infrastructure for a Distributed Multimedia Industry
  • Appendices.pdf Appendices:
    • no pdf Appendix A: New link cable connector
    • no pdf Appendix B: Link waveforms
    • no pdf Appendix C: DS-Link Electrical specification
    • no pdf Appendix D: An Equivalent circuit for DS-Link Output Pads

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