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Transputer Instruction Set

Instruction References

  • no pdf Transputer Instruction Set: An assembler reference guide - 201X

Alongside the "Transputer Instruction Sets" there are five further essential books on this topic:

  • no pdf The T9000 Transputer Instruction Set Manual - 1st Edition 1993 (72-TRN-240-01)
  • st20core.pdf ST20C2/C4 Core Instruction Set Reference Manual - January 1996 (72-TRN-273-01)
  • transbook.pdf Transputer Assembly Language Programming (John Roberts) - 1992 (ISBN-10 0-442-00872-4)
  • no pdf The Transputer Handbook (Ian Graham, Tim King) - 1990 (ISBN-10 0-13-929134-2)
  • no pdf Inside the Transputer (D.A.P. Mitchell, J.A. Thompson, G.A. Manson, G.R. Brookes) - 1990 (ISBN 0-632-01689-2)

For a further deep insight of the transputer instruction set you can inspect Julian Highfield emulator source code.

Based on this code there is an enhanced transputer emulator for Windows (x86) called JServer from Gavin Crate, Cambridge, UK.
You can find more information about this notable project here: [transputeremulator]

Simple Code Lookup

You can specify opcodes like taltwt, fpldnladddb, ajw -4, opr #10 or memory codes like #25 #FD.


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