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S708 (IMS B008/IBM PC) User Guide

April 1989
INMOS document number: 72-OEK-227-00
85 Pages

© INMOS Limited 1989.


frontcover 72-OEK-227-00

The S708 software supports the use of an IMS B008 board in an IBM PC AT or IBM PC XT.

The software includes the module motherboard software which can be used to set the programmable switches on the IMS B008 motherboard. These switches determine the topology of the transputers hosted on the motherboard. The module motherboard software also contains a network mapper (worm) program which is used to explore the inter-connections of these transputers and provide a means of checking the topology.

A DOS device driver is provided to interface the IMS B008 to the DOS operating system.

Programs are run on the B008 by using the server program provided. The server loads programs to transputer networks and provides file and terminal services to the executing program. Both the module motherboard software and the WORM are executed in this way.


	Contents overview 

1	How to use the guide
	1.1	Introduction
	1.2	User guide
	1.3	Reference manual
	1.4	Appendices

2	Introduction
	2.1	Product components
	2.2	Operating requirements

3	Installation
	3.1	Introduction
	3.2	Hardware Installation
		3.2.1	Copying the Files
		3.2.2	Reconfiguring DOS to accept the driver

User Guide

4	Module motherboard software
	4.1	Introduction
	4.2	Getting started
	4.3	Using the MMS
		4.3.1	Running the MMS
		4.3.2	Menu options
			Set C004 links
			Check source files
			Toggle diagnostics
			Network mapper
			Manual command entry
			Change link numbers
			View source file
			Reset subsystem
			Initialise C004s
			Create a bootable file
			Create an occam table
	4.4	Describing the software configuration
		4.4.1	Softwire definition
	4.5	Describing the hardware configuration
		4.5.1	Hardwire definition
			Sizes section
			T2 chain section
			Hardwire section
	4.6	Error reporting
		4.6.1	Errors in the hardwire description
			File reading errors
			Syntax errors
			Range checking errors
			Duplication errors
		4.6.2	Errors in the softwire description

Reference manual

5	Device driver call definitions
	5.1	The system calls available
		5.1.1	OPEN
		5.1.2	READ
		5.1.3	WRITE
		5.1.4	IOCTL

6	INMOS server
	6.1	Introduction
	6.2	Running the server
		6.2.1	Loading programs
		6.2.2	Specifying link address

7	Server protocol definitions
	7.1	iserver protocol
	7.2	Server functionality
		7.2.1	File commands
		7.2.2	Host commands
		7.2.3	Server commands


A	Rebuilding the server

B	INMOS standard link access routines
	B.1	Link initialisation
	B.2	Data operations
	B.3	Subsystem control
	B.4	Error testing
	B.5	Data ready tests

C	Softwire description language

D	Hardwire description language

E	Edge mappings for the B008

F	The IMS C004 programmable link switch

G	The stages of IMS C004 configuration

H	Distribution disk
	H.1	Contents of the release disk

I	Bibliography

J	Glossary

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