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Module Motherboard Software User Guide

June 1988
INMOS document number: 72-TDS-153-00
28 Pages


The range of INMOS Module Motherboards and Modules allow many different configurations of modules and the connections between them to be specified without making physical changes to the boards. The configuration is performed by sending configuration data to the IMS C004 link switches on the board. The MMS (Module Motherboard Software) is designed to make it easy to generate the data needed to configure a system of motherboards.

The MMS provides interactive control of a motherboard or a system of motherboards. It presents a menu-driven interface allowing the user to set up the motherboards and also to create configuration programs for use outside of the MMS.

This manual describes how to use the hardware and software description languages needed to describe the hardware system and the desired connections within that system, together with a description of the MMS (Standalone v1.00) program itself.


1	Introduction

2	Using the MMS
	2.1	Installing the MMS
	2.2	Getting Started
	2.3	Using the MMS
		2.3.1	Running the MMS
		2.3.2	Menu Options
			Set C004 Links
			Check Source Files
			Toggle Diagnostics
			Network Mapper
			Manual Command Entry
			Change Link Numbers
			View Source File
			Reset Subsystem
			Initialise C004s
			Create a Bootable File
			Create an Occam Table

3	Describing the Software Configuration
	3.1	Introduction
	3.2	Softwire Definition

4	Describing the Hardware Configuration
	4.1	Introduction
	4.2	Hardwire Definition
		4.2.1	Sizes Section
		4.2.2	T2 Chain Section
		4.2.3	Hardwire Section

5	Error Reporting
	5.1	Errors in the Hardwire Description
		5.1.1	File Reading Errors
		5.1.2	Syntax Errors
		5.1.3	Range Checking Errors
		5.1.4	Duplication Errors
	5.2	Errors in the Softwire Description

A	Softwire Description Language

B	Hardwire Description Language

C	The IMS C004 Programmable Link Switch

D	The Stages of IMS C004 Configuration

E	References

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