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IMS D705B IBM/NEC PC Occam 2 toolset delivery manual

May 1989
INMOS document number: 72-TDS-187-00
46 Pages

© INMOS Limited 1989.


This manual provides installation instructions for the D705B occam 2 toolset for the IBM and NEC PC (and compatibles), including descriptions of parts of the toolset specific for DOS-based systems. Instructions for rebuilding the parts of the release supplied in source form are also given and changes from the previous release of the toolset are listed.

Layout of this manual

This introduction lists the prerequisites for running the DOS-based version of the toolset and summarises the contents of the release.

The rest of this manual is divided into the following chapters:

2 Installing the release: gives instructions for installing the software and setting up the system, and lists the software components.

3 DOS dependencies: provides information about DOS-specific features and requirements, including DOS specific libraries.

4 Sources supplied with the toolset: provides information about the sources supplied with the toolset, including how to rebuild the tools after modification.

5 Changes from the D705A occam toolset: outlines the differences between this and the D705A occam toolset, and lists the new tools.

6 AFSERVER libraries: describes the AFSERVER libraries which enable the D705A toolset to be used with the new host file server.

7 Known problems: lists known bugs in the software and documentation.

8 Debugger and simulator keyboard layout: shows keyboard layouts for the debugger and simulator functions on the IBM and NEC PC.

Prerequisites for running the toolset

In order to use this version of the toolset you will require:

  • An IBM PC, PC/XT or PC/AT (or compatible), or an NEC PC.
  • DOS version 2.0 or later (the toolset was made under DOS 3.3), with the ability to increase environment space above 160 bytes.
  • About 5.6 Mbytes of free disk space (although you need not install the entire release - see section 2.1).
  • An IMS B004, B008 (or similar) transputer evaluation board with an IMS T800 or T414 (Rev B or later) transputer.
  • An editor and, optionally, a UNIX compatible MAKE program. Microsoft MAKE is not compatible.

Contents of this release

This release of the D705B occam 2 toolset consists of:

  • A set of twelve 360 Kbyte floppy disks.
  • The 'D705B occam 2 toolset delivery manual' (this document).
  • The 'occam 2 toolset user manual' - the user and reference manual.
  • The 'occam 2 toolset handbook'- a quick reference guide.
  • The 'occam 2 toolset TDS support guide' - instructions for using the TDS - Toolset conversion tools.


1	Introduction
	1.1	Layout of this manual
	1.2	Prerequisites for running the toolset
	1.3	Contents of this release

2	Installing the release
	2.1	Installation
		2.1.1	Installation procedure
		2.1.2	Selective installation
	2.2	Setting system variables
		2.2.1	Set DOS path
		2.2.2	Setting up the correct host file server
		2.2.3	Set IBOARDSIZE
		2.2.4	Set ITERM
		2.2.5	Set ISEARCH
		2.2.6	Board address
	2.3	Transputer based tools
	2.4	Environment space
	2.5	Special considerations for the NEC PC
		2.5.1	Invoking the debugger and simulator on the NEC PC
	2.6	Software components
		2.6.1	Tools
		2.6.2	Iterms
		2.6.3	Libraries
		2.6.4	Examples
		2.6.5	occam interface code
	2.7	Sources
		2.7.1	Library sources
		2.7.2	Tool sources
	2.8	TDS support tools

3	DOS dependencies
	3.1	Driver programs
	3.2	Server interrupts
	3.3	DOS specific hostio library
		3.3.1	Procedure definitions

4	Sources supplied with the toolset
	4.1	Tools
		4.1.1	Building the tools
	4.2	Libraries
		4.2.1	Building the libraries
	4.3	Drivers
	4.4	Examples

5	Changes from the D705A occam toolset
	5.1	File names
	5.2	occam language implemented
	5.3	Libraries
		5.3.1	Obsolete libraries
	5.4	Extended functionality
	5.5	New tools
	5.6	Interface to non-occam languages

6	AFSERVER libraries
	6.1	The AFSERVER libraries
		6.1.1	The afhostio library
			Procedure definitions
		6.1.2	The afproc library

7	Known problems
	7.1	Documentation
	7.2	Software
		7.2.1	icheck - occam 2 checker
		7.2.2	idebuq - debugger
		7.2.3	ilist - binary lister
		7.2.4	iserver - host file server
		7.2.5	isim - T414 simulator
		7.2.6	occam - occam 2 compiler
	7.3	Libraries

8	Debugger and simulator keyboard layout
	8.1	IBM PC keyboard function keys
	8.2	IBM PC keyboard layout
	8.3	NEC PC keyboard layout

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