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IMS B016 VMEbus Master/Slave Board

MTW imsb016


The IMS B016 is a very high performance VMEbus master/slave board suited to all applications requiring fast data throughput between a transputer network and VMEbus peripherals. The board incorporates a 32-bit transputer processor, local RAM, peripherals and interface circuitry for efficient communication between the transputer and other VMEbus boards. It is designed to give as flexible and efficient interface between the VMEbus and transputers as current technology allows.

Sustained transfer rates in excess of 15Mbytes/s are achievable, given a fast VMEbus system. The IMS T801 on-board is capable of 12.5 MIPS (sustained) and has its own private fast SRAM for speed-critical code and data.

Dual access RAM memory is provided for access by both the transputer and other VMEbus Masters. The transputer, an IMS T801, can perform Master accesses to other VMEbus slaves. It can also interrupt other VMEbus Interrupt Handlers and itself handle VMEbus interrupts.


The IMS B016, through its use of the VIC VMEbus Interface Chip, provides the capability to use almost all of the features of the VMEbus. In particular, in slave mode, the card supports BLT (Block Transfer) cycles, RMW (read-modify-write) cycles and UAT (unaligned) cycles. It also functions correctly in a system containing location monitors and performing address pipelining. Write posting is supported for both slave and master accesses.


  • VMEbus VIC interface chip
  • IMS T801-25 or IMS T801-20 transputer
  • 4 INMOS 20Mbits/sec links for direct conection to transputer networks
  • Byte multiplexor between T801 and VMEbus allows fast byte reordering to overcome endian incompatibiities
  • 256Kbytes private transputer SRAM (8ns cycle)
  • 4Mbytes DRAM dual-ported between IMS T801 and VMEbus
  • 256Kbytes of Flash ROM programmable with boot code for transputer
  • Full VMEbus interrupter and interrupt handler
  • Real Time clock for time of day
  • 2 RS232 serial ports using a 2681 DUART


IMSB016UserManual.pdf IMS B016 VMEbus master card - user manual


  • vic068a.pdf VIC068A VMEbus Interface Controller Datasheet
  • vicfaq.pdf Frequently Asked Questions about the VMEbus Products
  • vicfeat.pdf Features of the VIC068A VMEbus Interface Controller
  • vicreg.pdf Initialization and Use of VIC068A/VIC64 Registers
  • vmebook.pdf VMEbus Interface Handbook from Cypress
  • vmebus.pdf VMEbus Specification Manual - Revision C.1, October 1985, Third Printing


  • am29C983.pdf AM29C983/Am29C983A - 9-Bit x 4-Port Multiple Bus Exchange


  • dp8572a.pdf DP8572A/DP8572AM Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • an-588.pdf Calibration of the DP8570A Family - AN-588
  • an-589.pdf DP8570A Timer Clock Peripheral Test Mode and Test Considerations - AN-589
  • nsc05557.pdf DP8570A Experiments to Test the Low Battery Bit or Generate a Periodic Interrupt - AN-894


  • scn2681.pdf SCN2681 Dual asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART)
  • scn2681t.pdf SCN2681T Dual asynchronous receiver/transmitter (DUART)
  • an405_2.pdf SCN2681/SCN68681 and SCC2691 data communications - AN-405


  • 7c171a.pdf CY7C171A/CY7C172A - 4kx4 Static RAM with Separate I/O


  • 290204.pdf 28F512 - 512K (64K x 8) CMOS Flash Memory
  • 29205902.pdf Guide to First Generation Flash Memory Reprogramming - AP-325
  • 29212301.pdf Flash Memory Write Protection Techniques - AP-374
  • rom-prog.pdf Programming the B016's Flash-Roms - Feb 2002


  • 74f521.pdf 74F521 - 8-Bit Identity Comparator
  • 74f543.pdf 74F543 - Octal Registered Transceiver


  • pexbspec.pdf PEX Bus Specification

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