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Fundamental Books & Demonstration


  • cspbook.pdf ISBN-10 0-13-153271-5 Communicating Sequential Processes (C.A.R. Hoare) - March 2004
  • gk_dipl.pdf Interconnection Topologies and Routing for Parallel Processing Systems (Gabriele Kotsis) - 1992

Reference manuals


Inmos slides

  • part1ttf.pdf Part 1: The Transputer Family
  • part2t9k.pdf Part 2: Introducing the T9000 Transputer
  • t9kprinf.pdf New T9000 Product Information

Inmos reports

The poster - IMS T414 transputer

IMS T414 transputer

Poster design by Roger Proctor Bristol England © 1985

Original Size: 42cm x 58cm


By clicking on the grey preview picture you will see a medium size color scan (4MPixels/4MB) of the poster.

A full size color scan (60MPixels/25MB) can be found here.

Parallel Processing - Unparalleled Potential

INMOS TRANSPUTER PW/424, approx. 6 Minutes, 464Kbps (384 x 288), June 1986.

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